About Us


Cobalt-Crew, coming from element number 27, Cobalt, and its natural hard lustrous silver grey metal, was founded in 2016 with a vision to create products for you in your “element”.

When you’re in your element, you’re at your best, you’re where you should be, you’re in your zone, and no one can stop you. 

The element Cobalt also comes from Kobold: a German mythological creature who can materialize into the form of an animal, dolls, fire, a human being, or a candle.  One particular Kobold the Klabautermann, lives aboard ships to help and protect sailors and their crew. We think of our products as Kobolds, protecting your ship (your car) and you and your crew. Thus came the name Cobalt Crew. 

Together we want to create a community of fierce adventurers, a crew of people in their elements, with no intention of stopping. Ride into the storm you brave soul, we’re happy to have you and welcome to the Cobalt-Crew.


I created the Cobalt-Cover with the athlete in mind. As a D1 track/xc athlete (at CU Boulder), long time surfer, and adventurer I quickly discovered that my car seats were getting sweaty, stinky, wet, sandy, muddy, etc. I had permanent seat covers that were difficult to take off, and impossible to wash. I decided I could come up with a simple solution. 2 years of designing later, I created the Cobalt-Cover, a microfiber towel seat cover that’s easy to put on and take off, machine washable, with non slip grip technology, and even has a hidden pocket to hide your phone and wallet.

I wanted to create something that could help athletes, dreamers, and go-getters in their busy active lives.

 I also wanted the brand to be more than a car seat cover. I wanted to create a community and a crew of people that could connect and make a difference in this world. I hope to do more things with the brand in the near future, but for now I’ve created something that can hopefully help others- Even if it’s just with 1% of their day.